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Hard Haired Dogs: Strippping Technique

Handstripping, commonly known as “stripping”, is a technique whose purpose and function is for the dog to maintain a healthy coat texture, coat color, and skin.


It is a technique that is performed on hard-haired breeds, mainly in most terriers; West Highland white terrier, Scottish terrier, Cairn terrier, Jack Russel terrier, Border Terrier, but also in others such as the Dachshund, Border terrier, Brussels Griffon, Schnauzers, etc.

The "Stripping" means, manual renewal of the coat.
Hard-haired dogs do not shed their hair like any other double-layered breed.

The shedding is necessary for the animal's skin and coat to remain healthy, if mature hair is not removed, it can obstruct follicles, complicating the exit of new hair, this saturation can cause hair follicle infections and dermatitis.

This technique must be carried out exclusively by professionals, who it will maintain the previously mentioned virtues, and also the appearance of each race according to its own standard.

Another advantage of Stripping is that the dog will remain beautiful and groomed, with the typical silhouette and aesthetics of its breed, for much longer, so that we will get more out of the grooming arrangement than if a cut were made directly. machine that will immediately grow woolly hair without any silhouette.

We are specialized in this arrangement technique, for this, we have trained with the best in Spain.

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