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Long Hair Dog Grooming

We all would like our dogs to have beautiful, long, loose and shiny hair, that kind of coat that people stare at in the street when walking them.

But keeping a beautiful coat for a dog requires continuous maintenance, depending on the breed, it will be more or less difficult at home.

There are different factors that can influence, the main thing is a correct diet for hair to grow healthy, strong and shiny, the fats that coat the hair give it shine and protection.

Hygiene, is the second of the factors, is essential to keep allergens, parasites and bacteria at bay.

The maintenance bath is recommended every time the dog is dirty, out of "myths" of ONLY once a month ... always with quality shampoo that frequently frequent baths, and ending with a good conditioner or mask.

It is very important to brush very often, this allows removing dirt and dead hair, which is the one that entangles the coat.

Breeds such as Yorkshire, Maltese, lhasa-apso, etc ... need daily brushing, to avoid knotting, and to keep the coat nourished and loose. The grooming for proper maintenance and recovery and of the characteristics of the breed, and the most hygienic for their day-to-day coexistence at home.

That's why you are in the right place!

We take care of keeping it beautiful and healthy, since we are specialized with years of experience in the care and maintenance of long hair.

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