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Ozone therapy & Spa for dogs: the perfect treatment for skin problems

Ozone therapy is a natural therapy with multiple beneficial and therapeutic actions, consisting of the application of a mixture of 5% ozone and 95% oxygen in bath water.

It has no side effects, making it a very good option for treating skin problems, it is only contraindicated in pregnant females and animals with thyroid problems.

Ozone has, among others, antiseborrheic, fungicidal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties, and can even stimulate the immune system.

Ozone therapy results

Example of same dog after ozone therapy treatment has recovered the coat growth

The treatment consists of 10-15 minute sessions in the Spa tub, in which depending on the type of problem we prepare our cocktail of salts, clays and essential oils. The duration of the treatment will be between 4-8 weeks depending on the evolution of the animal.

This therapy is beginning to be considered as the miracle for alopecic dogs, (as can happen very frequently with the pomeranians of certain lines)
for the ability of ozone to oxygenate and regenerate tissues and to activate blood circulation.

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